What We Do Here

The last Drums & Tuba album was over two years in the making; tracked mostly to Pro Tools and tweaked & edited to near oblivion. Seemingly endless revisions, overdubs and remixes lead to the culmination of a great record.

A recent album with Dave Baker, a blues musician from Italy, saw a project completed in three days! Day 1: basic tracking. Day 2: overdub horns & vocals. Day 3: mix.

The Jazz Vipers' albums were recorded live at a little bar called the Spotted Cat, using our portable Pro Tools rig. The band has been very happy with the albums, which have sold extremely well.The second one was named New Orleans' Offbeat Magazine's 'Jazz Recond of the Year' and was included in their Top Releases of 2004, along with 5 other House of 1000Hz records.

A number of projects, including the Pittsl vs. Preps album, have used the studio to do basic tracking and then taken the files away to finish overdubbing in their practice spaces. The final tracks were then brought back in for mixing.