Religious History

Temples of Thailand

The exotic jungles of Thailand have been giving way lately to expand and build modern cities inhabited by people from all over the world. The...

Religious History

Religious Artifacts

The Roman Catholic Church has been a religious institution that has survived for centuries, and the paths it has taken have often been ones that...

Religious History

Religious Writings

Many modern cultures take literacy for granted, but it was actually a very rare skill in the early years of many religious institutions. Religious writings...

Religious History

The Pyramids of Egypt

There have been many leaders throughout history claiming a kinship with the gods of their culture, and the Pharaohs of Egypt held that distinction. While...

Religions around the world differ in many ways, but the vast majority of them have their own set of holy writings and relics. Many of them are ancient, and they have been handed down or preserved for millennia. Those that are more recent are often looked upon as fakes, and many ignore them as nothing more than the basis to begin a religious cult. Those relics that have been carefully cared for throughout the many turbulent and trying centuries of mankind are often revered by those within the religion, and they are also the subject of study by those who were interested in gaining historical insights into the subject.

Every culture has its unique way of expressing their religion, and some of the institutions contracted artists to do it for them. Others were dependent upon their leaders to supply the means to create monuments, and some of the most important documents were written by those who were closely aligned with the religious institutions of their time.