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The Roman Catholic Church has been a religious institution that has survived for centuries, and the paths it has taken have often been ones that created some of the most recognizable religious artifacts in the world today. Their patronage of artists was one that covered many different areas, and they included statues, paintings, written works, and even buildings. Many of the works they commissioned still remain today, and they can be viewed by people from many cultures.

Church buildings were one of the favored works commissioned by the Church throughout the centuries, and many of them have become famous. The Notre Dame Cathedral took more than three hundred years to complete, but it is still one of the most impressive Catholic churches in the world. Host to religious ceremonies, it has become a tourist attraction while still functioning as a religious institution with historical value.

Paintings have often been part of religious expression, and there have been many famous artists who contributed to the art of the Roman Catholic Church over its long history. The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is just one of the many paintings that were created for the church. Michelangelo also created statues, and many of his works survive today. The Pieta is one of his works that still remains in Rome, and it is just one of a series of projects he created for the Church, and each one is a tribute to some part of the Bible.

The Last Supper by da Vinci is yet one more example of the beautiful works created to glorify the stories about the Catholic Church and its history. It depicts the Apostles dining with Jesus Christ the evening before his arrest and crucifixion. It remains in the monastery in Milan, and it has often been a favorite subject for religious historians.